Denver has a very vibrant meetup community.  I have reconnected with old friends, and met new friends, at the Java, PHP, HTML5, Joomla, Wordpress, Android, GDG, VR, and other meetups around town.  There are so many groups, that sometimes there are scheduling conflicts for people like me, who have a broad range of interests.

For a list of meetups in Denver, or any other city, visit .

Since the Starz Film Festival in 2010, I have been volunteering for the Denver Film Society.  In addition to helping out during the yearly festivals, I am now a year-round volunteer.

This experience has enriched my life beyond measure, and I encourage others to spend a few hours each month doing something similar.

Denver Startup Week ( is coming soon!

Denver Startup Week is a week-long series of events that celebrate and inform Denver's community of startups.  The events overlap and there are several different tracks.

Although it is not exclusive to technnology, this community naturally includes a lot of technical people and companies.

I learned about Denver Startup Week through the community just last year, and only attended 4-5 events.  This year I will attend at least twice that number, and I am volunteering as well!

The event is totally free! For more information and to sign up, go to!