All of the Joomla extensions used on this site is available for downloading from my account on github.

Following is a list of the github repos containing the Joomla extensions featured on this site:

Realize that some of these extensions depend on others.  Specifically:

  • All extensions depend on IdMyGadget for Joomla.
  • The Menu extension depends on the templates.
  • Some of the functionality of the templates, specifically the hamburger menu, depends on the Menu extension.

Therefore you should download IdMyGadget for Joomla first, then one of the templates, and then the menu_idmygadget extension.

You can use the git clone command to download the code; this makes it easier to keep it up-to-date, using the git pull command.

To download a zip file containing the code, visit the appropriate link and click on the Download ZIP button in the lower right corner of the page.