Long ago, before there was a joomla or even a PHP5, I hand-coded a static HTML site. This site is still online at www.tomh.info .  I like to think of it as being my own personal cave wall painting.

Soon after completing that project, I created two versions of the GROJA program, that draws images of people's personalities.  The first version was written in LISP and used for the final project for the Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies degree I earned at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The first online version worked but was extremely crude, and the next version was implemented using PHP Nuke.  Those versions are no longer online, though, having been replaced by the latest version built using Joomla!  But that story goes well beyond just HTML and PHP.

For the past few months I have been working on device detection.

I got the idea from reading Building Android Apps using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS by Jonathan Stark.

This has involved working on the following projects

  1. Write the IdMyGadget Adapter API.
  2. Use the API to update my resume.
  3. Integrate the API into Joomla - the result three themes and a module, all used on this site!
  4. Integrate the API into Wordpress
  5. Integrate the API into Drupal

For more information, click on the links above!

To support SeeOurMinds.com I wrote several custom Joomla extensions.  The previous version of this site showcased those extensions, and the source code for them is on github.

Following is a list of these extensions:

  • Joomoo Site Style: allows users to customize the appearance of the site
  • Joomoo Comments: supports comments on content articles and gallery images
  • Joomoo Rating: allows rating of content articles, gallery groups and images
  • Joomoo Gallery: displays lists of galleries, pages of gallery groups, and individual gallery images
  • Joomoo Base: contains code shared by all Joomoo extensions

These extensions were written to work with version 1.5 of Joomla, and are being upgraded to run with the latest version.